Mason Infratech IPO

Mason Infratech Limited is launching an IPO with 47,60,000 shares worth INR 30.46 crores to meet working capital needs and general corporate purposes.

Important Details

Open Date : June 24, 2024 Close Date : June 26, 2024 Allotment Date: June 27, 2024 Listing Date: July 1, 2024

Important Details

IPO Price: INR 62-64 per share Lot Size: 2000 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 30.46 crores

Fundamental Analysis

Mason Infratech IPO analysis shows mixed performance: 1. Revenue increased but fell short this year. 2. Equity grew; debt reliance decreased. 3. Profitability and EPS rose,RoNW declined. 4. Total assets & liquidity improved.

Peer Comparison

Mason Infratech: moderate revenue, strong profit margins. Capacit'e Infraprojects: high revenue, high returns. Atal Realtech: balanced revenue, notable profitability, strong ROE.


Mason Infratech Main objective is to meet working capital requirements.

Risks And Challenges

Mason Infratech IPO risks: 1. Reliance on subcontracted labor & suppliers. 2. Disruptions & price volatility risks. 3. Operations in Mumbai Metropolitan Region face economic and regulatory challenges impacting profitability.