Medi Assist IPO

Medi Assist's IPO: 2.80 crore shares for sale, providing liquidity to shareholders and enhancing brand image, no proceeds to the company.

Important Dates

IPO Date: Jan 15 to Jan 17, 2024 IPO Listing Date: Jan 22, 2024 IPO Price: INR 397 to 418 per share IPO Lot Size: 35 Shares IPO Total Issue Size: 1,171.58 Cr

Fundamental Analysis

Medi Assist IPO reflects robust revenue growth, improved profitability, and prudent financial management, despite rising expenses, signaling expansion and funding needs.

Peer Comparison

No Indian listed companies operate in a similar business as the Company and its subsidiaries. Therefore, providing an industry comparison for the Company is not feasible.


Medi Assist's IPO, with an offer for sale, won't yield funds for the company. Listing aims to enhance visibility and brand image, reaping the benefits.

Risks And Challenges

Medi Assist IPO's 77% revenue reliance on select clients (45% IT/ITES, 20% BFSI) poses risk; industry changes may impact demand, prior auditor disclaimed consolidated statements.

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