Megatherm Induction Limited IPO

Megatherm Induction Limited IPO

Megatherm Induction IPO offers a fresh issue of 49,92,000 shares, INR 53.91 crores. Funds for factory expansion, working capital, and general corporate needs.

Important Details

Date: Jan 29 to Jan 31, 2024 Listing Date: Feb 5, 2024 Price: INR 100-108 per share Lot Size: 1200 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 53.91 crores

Fundamental Analysis

Megatherm Induction's finances show positive trends, increasing revenue, improved profitability despite rising expenses, substantial RoNW growth, and positive EPS and NAV trends.

Peer Comparison

Megatherm Induction IPO peers exhibit positive earnings, strong RoNW, face value ₹10. Absence of P/E ratio may raise investor concerns on valuation.


Megatherm Induction IPO aims for factory expansion, capacity increase, cost reduction, and exports. Funds allocated for working capital, profitability, and general corporate goals.

Risks And Challenges

Megatherm Induction's pledged Equity Shares risk reduced control in default. Reliance on volatile raw material prices and few customers adds business uncertainties.

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