Mukka Proteins IPO

Mukka Proteins' IPO offers 8 crores of fresh shares for funding working capital, investing in subsidiary Ento Proteins, and general corporate purposes.

Important Details

Date: Feb 29 to Mar 4, 2024 Listing Date: Mar 7, 2024 Price: INR 26 to 28 per share Lot Size: 535 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 224.00 Cr

Fundamental Analysis

Mukka Proteins demonstrates steady revenue growth, fluctuating profitability, and improved financial metrics. Consider strengths and potential areas before investing.

Peer Comparison

Due to the lack of comparable listed companies, Mukka Proteins' unique business in India makes industry comparisons impossible.


Mukka Proteins plans to use INR 120 crores from Net Proceeds for working capital, invest in subsidiary EPPL for insect protein manufacturing, and general corporate purposes.

Risks And Challenges

Mukka Proteins Limited faces legal, weather-related, operational, and regulatory risks affecting raw material procurement, facility operations, and expansion.

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