MVK Agro Food IPO

MVK Agro Food's IPO offers 54.9 lakh shares worth INR 65.88 Cr. Funds to kickstart ethanol, bio-CNG, and fertilizer plants in Nanded, Maharashtra, for sustainability.

Important Details

Date: Feb 29 to Mar 4, 2024 Listing Date: Mar 7, 2024 Price: INR 120 per share Lot Size: 1200 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 65.88 crores

Fundamental Analysis

MVK Agro Food's IPO reflects revenue fluctuations, enhanced profit margins, prudent capital management, and promising investor interest.

Peer Comparison

M.V.K. Agro Food, with ₹9,327.65 lakhs revenue, P/E ratio of 15.90, EPS ₹7.55, and RoNW 28.22%, signals robust growth and profitability in the sugar sector.


MVK Agro Food's IPO aims to establish an ethanol, bio-CNG, fertilizer unit in Nanded, Maharashtra, utilizing INR 52.38 crores for general corporate purposes.

Risks And Challenges

MVK Agro Food's risks include operational delays, new product portfolio challenges, and revenue dependence on intermediaries, affecting stability.

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