NRML Meaning

NRML orders suit long-term investors in futures/options, allowing positions beyond a day. Ex: Mr. Sharma buys Infosys shares & sells when needed.

How Does NRML Order Work?

NRML orders enable traders to retain shares, needing ample funds, and provide flexibility in selling, fostering strategic trading decisions.

Difference Between MIS Vs. NRML

Holding Period

MIS: Intraday only. NRML: Extended holding, including overnight.

Difference Between MIS Vs. NRML

Margin Requirement

MIS requires a lower margin for intraday, while NRML needs a full margin per standard regulations.

Difference Between MIS Vs. NRML

Automatic Square-off

MIS orders close automatically at day end, while NRML requires manual closure.

Difference Between MIS Vs. NRML


MIS is tailored for short-term trading, and NRML is suited for long-term strategies and holding positions.

Difference Between MIS Vs. NRML


MIS is applicable to equities, futures, and options for intraday trading, while NRML is mainly utilized for futures and options with a long-term view.

Difference Between MIS Vs. NRML

Strategic Flexibility

MIS is ideal for tactical short-term plays within the trading day, while NRML provides greater flexibility for complex strategies over a longer duration.

Difference Between MIS Vs. NRML


MIS margin is lower for its daily duration, while NRML margin could be higher due to longer holdings.

Difference Between MIS Vs. NRML

Interest Charges

MIS: No interest charges for intraday positions. NRML, Interest charges are possible for overnight holdings.

How To Place An NRML Buy Order?

Log into your Alice Blue trading account, select the contract, choose NRML, enter the number of lots, set the price, and then confirm & place the order.

How To Convert MIS To NRML

To convert an MIS order to NRML, find the open MIS order, click 'Convert Order,' select 'NRML', and confirm with sufficient margins.