Launch Announcement

NSE to launch Nifty Next 50 index derivatives on April 24, 2024, offering monthly futures and options contracts.

Index Composition

Nifty Next 50 Index includes 50 companies from Nifty 100, excluding Nifty 50, also known as Junior Nifty.

Sector Dominance

The financial services sector dominates Nifty  Next 50 Index, with capital goods and consumer services following closely.

Market Capitalization

The market capitalization of Nifty Next 50 constituents stands at Rs 70 trillion, representing 18% of total NSE market cap.

Turnover Analysis

Constituents see an aggregate daily average turnover of Rs 9,560 crores, contributing 12% to cash market turnover.

Investment Opportunities

Nifty Next 50 to provide more investment opportunities and risk management tools for investors.

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