OTM Full Form : One Time Mandate

OTM in mutual funds stands for "One Time Mandate." It's a single instruction from the investor to the bank for hassle-free automatic transactions between their bank account and the mutual fund.

OTM In Mutual Fund

OTM in Mutual Funds offers effortless investing, enhanced security against fraud, flexible investment options, and reduced paperwork through electronic transactions.

Advantages Of OTM In Mutual Fund

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Lump-sum Investments: Convenient bank payments for lump-sum investments within set OTM limits.  New SIPs: Initiate new SIP investments without re-submitting bank details or canceled cheques.

Covered Transactions under OTM in Mutual Fund

Certainly, the cost of a  one-time mandate varies depending on the specific service or transaction involved. The fees associated with a single mandate are contingent on the situation and the regulations set by the service provider or institution.

Is OTM Chargeable?

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