Rudra Gas Enterprise Limited IPO

Rudra Gas IPO

Rudra Gas IPO offers 22.48 lakh new shares, valued at INR 1,416.24 lakhs, funding working capital and general corporate purposes.

Important Details

Date: Feb 08 to Feb 12, 2024 Listing Date: Feb 15, 2024 Price: IINR 63 per share Lot Size: 2000 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 1,416.24 lakhs

Fundamental Analysis

Rudra Gas Enterprise Ltd has promising revenue growth, profit surge, and strong finances signal a solid energy sector investment pre-IPO.

Peer Comparison

Rudra Gas Enterprise Ltd excels with a 44.09% RoNW, ₹6.71 EPS, and P/E ratio of 9.39, displaying superior profitability to Likhitha Infra despite a lower NAV per share.


Rudra Gas IPO funds INR 950 lakhs for working capital, the rest from borrowings. INR 324.68 lakhs for general corporate needs and growth initiatives.

Risks And Challenges

Risks for Rudra Gas are Legal uncertainties, personnel reliance, and working capital challenges that may impact operations, hindering growth and continuity.

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