Shree Karni Fabcom Limited IPO

Shree Karni Fabcom's IPO offers 18,72,000 shares for INR 42.49 cr. The proceeds will be used to set up the dyeing unit, purchase machinery and meet working capital needs.

Important Details

Date: Mar 6 to Mar 11, 2024 Listing Date: Mar 14, 2024 Price: INR 220 to 227 per share Lot Size: 600 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 42.49 crores

Fundamental Analysis

Shree Karni Fabcom's IPO shows impressive revenue, equity growth, and profitability, making it an appealing investment with a promising future in its sector.

Peer Comparison

Shree Karni Fabcom total revenue ₹12,694.65M, EPS ₹11.10, RoNW 21.34%, NAV per share ₹260.22. Strong performance compared to Nobletex Industries.


Shree Karni Fabcom IPO aims to boost efficiency with a Navsari dyeing unit (INR 30.70 cr), invest INR 1.86 cr in Palsana machinery, and allocate ₹5 cr for 2025 working capital.

Risks And Challenges

Shree Karni Fabcom's risks include limited dyeing history for evaluation, dependence on the top 5 customers (60% revenue), and Maharashtra's significant contribution (51% revenue).

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