IPO Meaning

IPO is when a private company offers shares to the public to raise capital. This helps fund expansion, reduce debt, & boost growth, while enhancing the company’s visibility & credibility.

How to apply for IPO Online?

Open a Demat account with Alice Blue, log into the trading platform, go to the IPO section, select your IPO, enter bid details, submit the application, & await the allotment.

How to apply for an IPO Offline?

Visit Alice Blue's nearest branch, fill out the IPO application form, attach a cheque for payment, confirm your Demat details, submit the form, and await allotment.

How To Apply For SME IPO?

Open a Demat account with Alice Blue, get the SME IPO application form, fill in details, attach a cheque for payment, submit the form via Alice Blue or a bank, & await allotment.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone with a valid Demat account can invest in an IPO, including individuals & institutions. However retail investors have few limits, while institutions invest larger amounts.