Types Of SIP

Types Of SIP

SIPs come in seven types—regular, top-up, flexible, perpetual, trigger, with insurance, and multi—each tailored to different investor needs and goals.

SIP In Mutual Fund

SIP, or Systematic Investment Plan, allows regular, disciplined investing in mutual funds, starting from as low as Rs. 500, ideal for small investors to build wealth over time.

Types Of Funds In SIP

Regular SIPs involve fixed, periodic investments for a set term, ideal for long-term goals, starting with small amounts, benefiting from compounding and rupee-cost averaging.

Regular SIP

Top-Up SIP

Top-up SIPs allow increasing investment amounts at set intervals, ideal for those with growing incomes, speeding up financial goals with compounding and rupee-cost averaging benefits.

Flexible SIP

Flexible SIPs offer the ability to adjust investment amount and frequency, ideal for those with variable income or surplus funds, aiding in faster goal achievement with compounding benefits.

Perpetual SIP

Perpetual SIPs enable investing a fixed amount indefinitely, ideal for long-term goals and steady post-retirement income, benefiting from compounding and rupee-cost averaging.

Trigger SIP

Trigger SIPs allow investments based on market conditions, ideal for those aiming to capitalize on market opportunities, with benefits of compounding and rupee-cost averaging.

SIP With Insurance

SIP with Insurance combines investment returns and life insurance, providing financial security and tax benefits under Section 80C, with customizable coverage and tenure.

Multi SIP

Multi SIP enables investing in various mutual funds via one account, offering portfolio diversification, risk reduction, and convenient management based on individual goals and risk appetite.