Unlocking the Mysteries of Mutual Funds!

Mutual funds pool money from various investors to buy securities. You own units, not the individual assets, sharing in both gains & losses.

Fund managers oversee your investment, ensuring regulatory compliance & maximizing returns.

Handled by financial pros!

For income, asset diversification, fund growth, and capital safety. Their versatility suits various financial goals.

Why Mutual Funds?

1️⃣ Equity Funds    2️⃣ Bond Funds   3️⃣ Target Date Funds   4️⃣ Money Market Funds

4 Core Types:

Choose based on risk & return preference!

Low costs, diversified assets, expert money management, easy investment & redemption, SIP availability, tax benefits, & more!

Advantages Galore

Returns aren't guaranteed, you won't control funds directly, and past performance doesn't promise future results.

But, Beware! 

Mutual funds use NAV (Net Asset Value) to determine price. Returns? Check Absolute, Annualized, CAGR, or use Excel's =XIRR

Price & Returns? 

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