Vishwas Agri Seeds  IPO

Vishwas Agri Seeds announces INR 25.80cr IPO, 25.80lakh fresh shares, Funds will enhance operations, including office upgrades,lab equipment, a greenhouse &  solar panels.

Important Details

Date: Mar 21 to Mar 26, 2024 Listing Date: April 1, 2024 Price: INR 86 per share Lot Size: 1600 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 25.80 crores

Fundamental Analysis

Vishwas Agri Seeds IPO showcases growth and asset expansion amidst revenue fluctuations and rising liabilities, advising a cautious investment strategy.

Peer Comparison

Vishwas Agri Seeds Limited, with ₹6530.73 lakhs revenue and 55.88% RoNW, excels in returns despite lower revenue than peers, reflecting strong efficiency and profitability..


Vishwas Agri Seeds IPO aims to fund INR 7.60cr for office, lab, greenhouse & rooftop solar panels, and Additional INR 11cr for working capital, and rest for corporate goals.

Risks And Challenges

Vishwas Agri Seeds faces risks from high working capital, HDFC Bank loan guarantees, product concentration in Groundnut & Cumin seeds, and seasonal operations.

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