What are contra funds?

What are Contra Funds?Mutual funds taking a contrarian outlook, believing underperforming assets will normalize long-term.

Why Invest In Contra Funds? Offers a hedge in bear markets, potential for strong long-term returns from overlooked or underperforming stocks.

Contra Fund Vs Value Fund Contra funds invest in underperformers with turnaround potential, while value funds focus on undervalued but strong companies.

Contra Fund Taxation  Taxed based on classification (equity or non-equity). Short-term gains at 15%; long-term over Rs. 1 lakh at 10%.

Top Contra Funds Listed are top-performing contra funds based on  5-year CAGR, AUM, Sharpe ratio, and expense ratio.

* SBI Contra Fund (Growth) * Invesco India Contra Fund (Growth) * Kotak India EQ Contra Fund (Growth)