What is a Focused Equity Fund?

Focused Equity Fund Meaning

Focused equity funds are investment tools that concentrate on a small selection of stocks ranging from 20 to 30.

Focused funds enable you to invest across sectors, reducing risk by avoiding overreliance on one sector's performance.

Advantages Of Focused Funds

Advantages Of Focused Funds

Managed by specialists in fields like technology or healthcare, these funds offer their expertise for informed investment choices.

Advantages Of Focused Funds

Focused funds with 20-30 stocks can offer superior medium to long-term returns than diversified funds.

Taxation Of Focused Funds

Holding units for a year results in profits being classified as long-term capital gains.

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Gains over Rs. 1 lakh/year get 10% tax on equity funds, like focused ones.

Below Rs. 1 lakh gains are tax-free.

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