What is India Vix?

India Vix Meaning

India VIX is the Indian Volatility Index indicating Nifty's upcoming month's market uncertainty.

India Vix Normal Range

India VIX normally ranges from 10 to 30, but can exceed 30 in times of market uncertainty.

India Vix Vs Nifty

India VIX - Measures the market’s expected volatility.

What it represents

Nifty 50 - Represents 50 largest and most liquid Indian companies

India Vix Vs Nifty

India VIX -  Derived from the implied volatility of Nifty options.


Nifty 50 - Calculated using the free float market capitalization.

India Vix Vs Nifty

India VIX- Reflects the market’s perception of near-term volatility.

Indicator of Risk

Nifty 50 - Reflects the overall performance of the stock market.

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