LTP Meaning in Stock Market

LTP Meaning in Stock Market

LTP in the stock market stands for Last Traded Price, which is the price at which the most recent trade of stock occurred between a buyer and a seller.

Significance of Trading Volume in LTP

High trading volume typically stabilizes LTP, while low volume can cause price volatility and trading challenges.

Trading Volume & LTP in Shares with Market Depth

Market Depth shows bid/ask prices and volumes, aiding traders in setting prices close to LTP for higher chances of successful trades in shares.

Closing Price of the stock

The closing price of a stock is the final price at which it trades during a regular trading session, serving as a benchmark for the stock's value until the market reopens.

Difference Between Closing Price and LTP

The Last Traded Price (LTP) is the stock's current price during active trading, while the Closing Price is the stock's final traded price when the market closes.

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