What is NSE Full form?

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) functions as a marketplace where individuals can engage in the buying and selling of stocks.

NSE Meaning

While stockbrokers facilitate the execution of purchase and sale orders, the stock exchange operates behind the scenes to ensure the matching of buyers with suitable sellers.

Role Of NSE In Indian Stock Market

Build a nationwide electronic trading platform for diverse instruments, ensuring equitable access via the communication network.

Elevate market transparency, equity, and efficiency with this platform, including a Quick Settlement Period for faster transactions.

What Are NSE Derivatives?

NSE derivatives are financial contracts that drive their value from their underlying entity stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and market indices.

Types Of Derivatives


Futures are agreements to buy/sell assets at a fixed price on a specific date. Traded on exchanges, both parties must fulfill the contract, and its value changes daily until it ends.


Options are like futures but without the obligation. You can buy or sell an asset at a fixed price within the contract period, if you choose to.

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