What Is Positional Trading?

What Is Positional Trading?

Positional trading means holding investments long-term, aiming for significant profit. Ideal for those patient and tolerant of market fluctuations.

How Does Position Trading Work?

Positional traders focus on long-term movements. They identify trades, assess market conditions, enter at the right price, monitor consistently, and exit when desired.

Positional Trading Vs Swing Trading

Positional trading is long-term (months-years), while swing trading targets short-term price swings (days-weeks).

Best Time Frame For Positional Trading

For positional trading, long-term charts like daily or weekly are best. EMAs, especially the 50-day and 200-day, help in identifying trends.

Position Trading Strategy

Positional trading strategies include following market trends, contrarian investing, and breakout trading. Success relies on trend identification and patience.