XIRR Meaning In Mutual Fund

XIRR measures mutual fund returns considering each transaction's time period. Ideal for SIPs, it offers accurate return rates and is easily calculable via Excel or online tools.

XIRR Meaning In Mutual Fund

XIRR in Excel = XIRR (values, dates, guess), considering transactions as negative (investments) or positive (returns) values, with default 'guess' as 0.1.

XIRR Formula

XIRR considers each cash flow's timing and amount, while CAGR only looks at the investment's start and end values.

Difference Between XIRR And CAGR

XIRR calculates the average annualized return with specific cash flows, while CAGR uses the absolute annualized return from start to end value.


XIRR accounts for each transaction for return calculation, while CAGR only considers initial and final cash flows.

Cash Flow

XIRR calculates short-term returns (<12 months), while CAGR doesn't.

Short-term Returns

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Best XIRR Mutual Fund India

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