Naman In-Store IPO

Naman In-Store plans to raise INR 25.35 crores via IPO, issuing 28.48 lakh shares. The funds will go towards land acquisition, building factories, and general corporate use.

Important Details

Date: Mar 22 to Mar 27, 2024 Listing Date: April 2, 2024 Price: INR 84 to 89 per share Lot Size: 1600 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 25.35cr

Fundamental Analysis

Naman In-store India's revenue peaked at ₹14,984.57 lakhs in March 2023, dropped to ₹7,929.71 lakhs by September, yet profit surged to ₹618.89 lakhs.

Peer Comparison

Naman In-Store IPO lacks industry comparisons due to no listed Indian companies with similar business.


Naman In-Store IPO aims to buy land in Nagpur, Maharashtra (₹4.66cr), & build a factory (₹12.17cr), and allocate the rest for general corporate purposes.

Risks And Challenges

Naman In-Store India's risks include revenue dependence on Maharashtra, susceptible to regional issues, quality standards lapses and domestic competition.

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