Jupiter Wagons Ltd, a leading Indian railways manufacturer, specializes in freight wagons, passenger coaches, and advanced rail transport solutions.

Market Cap  21818.58 Cr

Close Price 647.20

Jupiter Wagons Ltd

*Market Cap as of June 3,2024

BEML Ltd, an Indian Public Sector Undertaking, manufactures heavy equipment for defense, rail, and mining sectors, contributing to national infrastructure and security.

Market Cap  17396.99Cr

Close Price 4673.55


*Market Cap as of June 3,2024

Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd, an Indian company, designs and manufactures railway coaches, wagons, and metro trains, catering to both domestic and international markets.

Market Cap  ₹16785.74Cr

Close Price 1492.50

Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd

*Market Cap as of June 3,2024

Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd is an Indian company that manufactures forged and machined components for various sectors including automotive, railways, and mining.

Market Cap  13306.54Cr

Close Price 709.30

Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd

*Market Cap as of June 3,2024

Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd, part of the Adventz Group, specializes in manufacturing freight cars, railway wagons, and heavy engineering equipment in India.

Market Cap  6397.164Cr

Close Price 207.65

Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd

*Market Cap as of June 3,2024

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