Top Liquor Stocks in India

United Spirits Ltd, a Diageo Group company, is India's top alcoholic beverages firm with brands like McDowell's No.1 and Royal Challenge.

Market Cap  85,609.20Cr

Close Price 1,177.00

United Spirits Ltd

*Market Cap as of May 2,2024

United Breweries Ltd, part of UB Group, is India's largest beer producer with Kingfisher as its flagship brand. It also operates in spirits & non-alcoholic beverages.

Market Cap  53,883.13 Cr

Close Price ₹2,037.90

United Breweries Ltd

*Market Cap as of May 2,2024

Radico Khaitan Ltd is a prominent Indian liquor company, renowned for Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky and Magic Moments Vodka among its portfolio.

Market Cap  23,495.12Cr

Close Price ₹ 1,757.10

Radico Khaitan Ltd

*Market Cap as of May 2,2024

Sula Vineyards is a prominent Indian winery producing diverse wines, including red, white & sparkling varieties, known for quality & innovation in the wine industry.

Market Cap  ₹4,609.49 Cr

Close Price ₹ 546.15

Sula Vineyards Ltd

*Market Cap as of May 2,2024

Tilaknagar Industries Ltd, known for brands like Mansion House, Courrier Napoleon & Officers Choice Blue, is a key player in India's alcoholic beverages industry.

Market Cap  ₹4,565.78Cr

Close Price ₹ 236.90

Tilaknagar Industries Ltd

*Market Cap as of May 2,2024

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