Top Five Stocks Under ₹10

28 June 2023

Madhav Corp., founded in 2010, operates in Energy, Real Estate, Highways, and Urban Infrastructure,with experienced promoters and a proven track record in completing complex projects.

Market Cap  ₹ 168.22 Cr

1 Y Return 40.38 %

Close Price ₹ 6.24

Madhav Infra Projects Ltd

Pil Italica Lifestyle Ltd offers a wide range of moulded plastic furniture, including chairs, tables, trolleys, sun loungers, crates, storage bins, and waste bins. They focus on comfort and aesthetics, with a strong distribution network in India.

Market Cap  ₹ 222.08 Cr

1 Y Return 24.27 %

Close Price ₹ 9.40

Pil Italica Lifestyle Ltd

Orient Green Power Company Ltd is India's largest independent renewable power producer across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

Market Cap  ₹ 750.72 Cr

1 Y Return 32.97 %

Close Price ₹ 10.00

Orient Green Power Company Ltd

Nila Infrastructures Ltd. is a general contractor that works on a variety of projects, including those involving municipal and urban infrastructure as well as affordable housing.

Market Cap  ₹ 228.46 Cr

1 Y Return 11.54 %

Close Price ₹ 5.80

Nila Infrastructures Ltd

LGB Forge Ltd., with three operations in Mysore and Coimbatore, focuses on manufacturing high-volume automotive, electrical, and transmission forged components, ensuring customer satisfaction and export growth.

Market Cap  ₹ 233.44 Cr

1 Y Return 8.72 %

Close Price ₹ 9.85

LGB Forge Ltd

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