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Rs. 15 per order or 0.05% whichever is lower

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Trade With Ease

Seize your opportunity, get the Tech Driven Trading Edge with ANT. Perfect for both beginners and experts

Trade With Ease
  • Real-time Feeds with 20 Depth Buy/Sell Bids
  • Ultra speed & Ultra light for all your Trading needs.
  • EDIS for Equity Delivery. EDIS (Electronic Delivery Instruction.
  • Sip helps you sell shares without POA).
  • Separate dashboard with Market Movers, Indices, OrderBook,and Margin details.
  • Advanced charting with 100+ indicators.
  • Set unlimited number of price alerts for instant updates.
  • Easy and Fast Transfer of funds with UPI & Net banking.
Alice Blue Trading Platform

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Its Not Just The Price Advantage With Us!

Discover the multiple benefits and vast value created for Investors and Traders

Single Margin

Trade with single margin across NSE, BSE & MCX.


Benefit from Cover Order in options trading & Margin Traded Funds in all other segments

Simplified Brokerage

Spend your time trading, not wondering what it costs. Choose Freedom15 brokerage plan.

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Trade Store

Access India's first products marketplace with over 20 tools for traders, investors & strategists

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Trade School

Market insights, education, and resources from industry experts.

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Get free advanced API access to tailor your strategies.

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Benefits of Trading with Alice Blue

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  • Over 1000 Tools, Tips and other useful collaterals
  • Multilingual Support for quick resolution
  • Advanced Customer & Partner Dashboards
  • Trade Store aggregator app bringing cost & content benefits
  • Trade School courses and learnings to make investing and trading profitable
  • 16+ Branches across India