Best  Shares Below Rs. 100

Standard Capital Markets: Est. 1987, RBI registered. Dedicated Board of Directors driving exponential growth. Committed to delivering financial success in the years ahead.

Market Cap  ₹ 273.42 Cr

1 Y Return 2615.03 %

Close Price ₹ 52.40

Standard Capital Markets Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 01, 2023.

SVP Housing Ltd., formerly Mahabir Metallex Ltd., diversified its business from steel trading to real estate in 2016, following an open offer by SVP Builders (India) Ltd.

Market Cap  107.70 Cr

1 Y Return 1591.26 %

Close Price 100.63

SVP Housing Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 01, 2023.

Andhra Cements Ltd, established in 1936, is a cement manufacturing company in Andhra Pradesh. It is part of SAGAR GROUP and a subsidiary of Sagar Cements Limited.

Market Cap  817.57 Cr

1 Y Return 1043.81 %

Close Price 85.90

Andhra Cements Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 01, 2023.

Blue Cloud Softech Solutions Ltd. delivers software for industrial engineering, business, finance, and market research. Trusted by global clients for excellence.

Market Cap  384.34 Cr

1 Y Return 445.217 %

Close Price 62.70

Blue Cloud Softech Solutions Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 01, 2023.

Apollo Micro Systems: Established in 1985, offers tailored electronics and electro-mechanical solutions for aerospace, defense, space, railways, automotive, and home security.

Market Cap  1,275.43 Cr

1 Y Return 365.06 %

Close Price 55.11

Apollo Micro Systems Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 01, 2023.

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