December 14, 2023

Best Stocks Under 100

Shares Below 100 Rs

In this article, you will get Best Stocks Under 100 with fundamental analysis categorizations that are used by professional investors.

Stocks under 100Market CapClose Price
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd95,530.7876.9
Punjab National Bank87,647.6877.9
IDBI Bank Ltd70,535.7662.65
IDFC First Bank Ltd62,390.8085.1
Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd61,733.2090.05
NHPC Ltd52,033.2852.7
Steel Authority of India Ltd36,348.6289.3
GMR Infrastructure Ltd34,767.0458.7
SJVN Ltd29,552.0676.2
Motherson Sumi Wiring India Ltd26,482.4459.5

The above table shows the Shares Below 100 Rs highest market capitalization.

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Stocks Under 100 Rs – 1Y Return

Below is the list of Best Shares to Buy Below 100 based on the 1Y Return.

Stocks under 100Market CapClose Price1Y Return
Blue Cloud Softech Solutions Ltd1,736.4081.05472.79
Servotech Power Systems Ltd1,650.2077.1390.93
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd95,530.7876.9175.63
Paramount Communications Ltd1,555.3462.1173.57
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd1,078.7982.5140.52
Vascon Engineers Ltd1,719.6375.25131.18
B L Kashyap and Sons Ltd1,465.3663.9130.27
SJVN Ltd29,552.0676.2113.15
BMW Industries Ltd1,325.5356.59108.82
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd4,448.7766.7105.55
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Shares Under Rs 100 With 1M Return

Check out the list of Shares Under Rs 100 based on the 1M Return.

Stocks under 100Market CapClose Price1M Return
BMW Industries Ltd1,325.5356.5939.52
Sigachi Industries Ltd1,655.4852.4533.12
Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd1,418.4752.7726.55
Ritesh Properties and Industries Ltd1,437.1254.8925.41
ISMT Ltd2,796.1793.7523.11
Geojit Financial Services Ltd1,609.4367.921.9
Allcargo Terminals Ltd1,250.5952.621.76
Suven Life Sciences Ltd1,866.7184.8517.36
Sadhana Nitro Chem Ltd2,369.2993.6514.07
DEN Networks Ltd2,724.7256.9512.66

Stocks Below 100 Rs – PE Ratio

Below table represents Below 100 Rs Share Price List based on the PE Ratio.

Stocks under 100Market CapClose PricePE Ratio
GFL Ltd1,089.7198.40.48
Imagicaaworld Entertainment Ltd2,515.5250.756.64
Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd1,388.8368.357.14
CESC Ltd12,732.1097.28.42
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd11,246.28568.96
Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd16,305.4880.79.1
Dolat Algotech Ltd1,158.0864.7512.56
Ugar Sugar Works Ltd1,032.1990.215.08
DCW Ltd1,620.405416.84
Madras Fertilizers Ltd1,254.1778.8518.62

Stocks Under 100 Rs with High Volume

Below is the list of Most Active Shares Below Rs 100 based on the Daily Volume.

Stocks under 100Market CapClose PriceDaily Volume
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd95,530.7876.911,68,18,430.00
SJVN Ltd29,552.0676.22,65,32,739.00
CESC Ltd12,732.1097.22,17,42,324.00
NHPC Ltd52,033.2852.72,06,01,049.00
Steel Authority of India Ltd36,348.6289.31,51,73,874.00
IDBI Bank Ltd70,535.7662.651,48,56,247.00
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd11,246.285693,73,806.00
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd4,448.7766.785,52,789.00
National Aluminium Co Ltd17,181.6992.7566,30,371.00
BCL Industries Ltd1,402.8758.551,80,858.00

Check out the list of the highest volume stocks here.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Investing in Penny Stocks is quite risky and it is not advisable to invest in penny stocks without complete knowledge and expertise. 

Short Introduction To Top Stocks Under 100 From Each Table:

Railway Finance Corp Ltd

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited serves as the financing arm for Indian railways, primarily involved in leasing and financing. It acquires assets through borrowing, leasing them to Indian Railways, and extends loans to entities under the Ministry of Railways to support their growth. 

Shares Under 100 – 1M Return

BMW Industries Ltd

BMW Industries Limited, an Indian company, focuses on manufacturing and distributing steel products like engineering items, longs (TMT, towers, structures), and flats (pipes, galvanized plain/corrugated). Their plants across Jharkhand and West Bengal cater to various steel-related manufacturing activities and galvanization.

Sigachi Industries Ltd

Sigachi Industries Limited, based in India, specializes in microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) production for pharmaceutical excipients. They offer varied grades of MCC under HiCel and AceCel brands, catering to global markets, and provide pre-formulated excipients for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and chemical industries.

Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd

Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Limited, an Indian auto manufacturer, operates in three segments: Joy E Bike, Vyom Innovations, and Sale of Services. It produces motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds, while trading electronic appliances and offering digital business process support services under VYOM brand. They provide a diverse range of electric vehicles.

Best Stocks Under 100 – PE Ratio


GFL Limited, an India-based holding company, manages multiplexes and cinema theaters through its subsidiary, INOX Leisure Limited, operating across 73 cities in India. With 692 screens and over 1,55,218 seating capacity, it’s actively involved in real estate, property development, and mutual fund distribution.

Imagicaaworld Entertainment Ltd

Imagicaaworld Entertainment Limited specializes in theme-based entertainment destinations like theme parks, water parks, and associated retail and dining activities in India. Its segments cover ticket sales, food and beverage, merchandise, accommodations, and various park experiences under different brands.

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Limited, an Indian fertilizer manufacturer, produces and sells urea in Tuticorin. Its diverse product range includes fertilizers, pesticides, bio stimulants, and soil testing services, offering farmers guidance on cultivation, soil health, and nutrient management practices.

Stocks Under 100 Rs With High Volume – Daily Volume


SJVN Limited, an Indian electricity generator, primarily focuses on hydro, wind, and solar power generation, along with consultancy and transmission services. It has diversified into wind and solar projects across Maharashtra and Gujarat, totaling around 81.3 MW capacity.


CESC Limited, an Indian company, engages in power generation, distribution, and coal mining. Operating in Kolkata, West Bengal, and other regions, it distributes electricity, owns various generation projects, and holds distribution licenses in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra through subsidiaries like Haldia Energy and Malegaon Power Supply.


NHPC Limited, an India-based company, specializes in hydroelectric power generation and distribution. Operating multiple power stations across India, it’s involved in project management, construction contracts, consultancy services, and power trading. Subsidiaries like Loktak Downstream Hydroelectric Corporation and others contribute to its diversified portfolio.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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