Best Stocks Under 100

September 1, 2023

Shares Below 100 Rs

In this article, you will get Best Stocks Under 100 with fundamental analysis categorizations that are used by professional investors.

Stock NameMarket CapClose Price
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd1,25,820.2389.10
Zomato Ltd82,225.5897.6
Punjab National Bank69,369.4063
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd65,603.9050.2
Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd64,918.1295.8
Union Bank of India Ltd63,671.9085.9
IDFC First Bank Ltd61,941.0993.35
Indian Overseas Bank57,841.3830.6
NHPC Ltd50,426.0750.2
Yes Bank Ltd48,311.4416.8

The above table shows the Shares Below 100 Rs highest market capitalization.

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Stocks Under 100 Rs – 1Y Return

Below is the list of Best Shares to Buy Below 100 based on the 1Y Return.

Stock NameClose Price1Y Return
Pulsar International Ltd76.323,417.05
Global Capital Markets Ltd0.752,058.27
GACM Technologies Ltd10.651,421.43
SVP Housing Ltd69.351,360.00
Ashnisha Industries Ltd22.871,294.51
Standard Capital Markets Ltd42.311,226.33
Shrydus Industries Ltd29.25915.63
Bhudevi Infra Projects Ltd21.31802.97
Servotech Power Systems Ltd82.15784.28
Gujarat Toolroom Ltd12.97753.29
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Shares Under Rs 100 With 1M Return

Check out the list of Shares Under Rs 100 based on the 1M Return.

Stock NameClose Price1M Return
GACM Technologies Ltd10.65787.5
Crane Infrastructure Ltd34.87166.59
Ajel Ltd19.68146.31
Tine Agro Ltd21.11142.37
Ravi Kumar Distilleries Ltd24.35124.42
Franklin Industries Ltd28.98122.92
Asian Warehousing Ltd32.4119.96
Innovative Ideals and Services (India) Ltd9.64105.98
GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd4.895.92
Inditrade Capital Ltd53.4795.65

Stocks Below 100 Rs – PE Ratio

Below table represents Below 100 Rs Share Price List based on the PE Ratio.

Stock NameClose PricePE Ratio
Vivid Global Industries Ltd19.67-59.07
Satyam Silk Mills Ltd9.82-46.02
Sanmitra Commercial Ltd9.99-26.8
Twin Roses Trades and Agencies Ltd3.67-15.23
New Markets Advisory Ltd9.1-4.03
Tulsyan NEC Ltd62.330.42
Ishwarshakti Holding & Traders Ltd3.192.22
Dynamic Archistructures Ltd12.53.13
Multiplus Holdings Ltd32.794.37
Indokem Ltd91.98266.37

Stocks Under 100 Rs with Daily Volume

Below is the list of Most Active Shares Below Rs 100 based on the Daily Volume.

Stock NameClose PriceDaily Volume
IDFC First Bank Ltd93.3544,90,67,817.00
Suzlon Energy Ltd24.5541,39,58,502.00
Reliance Power Ltd19.1526,41,16,104.00
RattanIndia Power Ltd6.8019,04,57,795.00
Alok Industries Ltd19.8517,37,95,875.00
Vodafone Idea Ltd9.0516,07,50,655.00
Yes Bank Ltd16.8012,25,02,581.00
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd8.0011,43,17,584.00
Zomato Ltd97.6011,30,63,640.00
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd28.908,74,41,586.00

Check out the list of the highest volume stocks here.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Investing in Penny Stocks is quite risky and it is not advisable to invest in penny stocks without complete knowledge and expertise. 

Short Introduction To Top Stocks Under 100 From Each Table:

Best Stocks Under 100 – 1Y Return

Pulsar International Ltd

Pulsar International Ltd is an Indian investment company that was incorporated on October 15, 1990. The company’s primary business focus is dealing in mutual fund units within the Indian financial market. 

Global Capital Markets Ltd

Global Capital Markets Limited is an India-based non-banking financial company (NBFC) primarily involved in finance and investment activities. The company’s operations encompass financing, investments in shares and various securities, as well as commodities and other related ventures within the capital market domain.

GACM Technologies Ltd

GACM Technologies Limited, an Indian company, specializes in financial consultancy and software solutions. They focus on risk management and internal control management software, serving corporate clients through their comprehensive services.

Shares Under 100 – 1M Return

Crane Infrastructure Ltd

Crane Infrastructure Ltd is an Indian real estate and infrastructure company known for its quality residential and commercial projects, contributing to urban development with a focus on excellence and sustainability.

Ajel Ltd

Ajel, established in 1994, aspires to be the preferred IT services partner. They offer a range of services including Systems Integration, Application Development, and Product Development to top companies. With a strong presence in vertical industries, Ajel has become a leader in IT services.

Tine Agro Ltd

Tine Agro Limited, formerly Kansal Fibres Limited, has evolved since its inception in 1994. Originally in textiles, it now focuses on agriculture and commodities. Their core objective is developing agricultural and forest-based industries, cultivating diverse crops, and trading in agricultural commodities.

Best Stocks Under 100 – PE Ratio

Vivid Global Industries Ltd

Vivid Global Industries Limited, based in India, specializes in producing dye intermediates and dyes, including a wide range of products like reactive dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, and dye intermediates. With manufacturing units in Gujarat and Maharashtra, they play a significant role in the dye industry.

Satyam Silk Mills Ltd

Satyam Silk Mills Ltd is an India-based textile company specializing in the manufacture and sale of textile products. 

Sanmitra Commercial Ltd

Sanmitra Commercial Limited is an India-based firm primarily involved in delivering commercial services and engaging in the trading and marketing of diverse goods. Notably, the company currently has no operational activities and has not generated any revenue.

Stocks Under 100 Rs With High Volume – Daily Volume

IDFC First Bank Ltd

IDFC FIRST Bank Limited is an Indian banking company operating through three segments: Treasury, Corporate/Wholesale Banking, and Retail Banking. The bank provides various financial services, including corporate loans, treasury operations, and retail banking services through an extensive branch network and ATMs.

Suzlon Energy Ltd

Suzlon Energy Limited is an Indian renewable energy company specializing in wind turbine generators (WTGs). They operate globally in 17 countries, offering a range of WTGs including S144, S133, and S120 models. Suzlon provides services such as operations, maintenance, and digitalization to optimize wind energy generation.

Reliance Power Ltd

Reliance Power Limited is a prominent player in the power generation sector, operating both in India and globally. With a robust portfolio of power generation assets, including coal, gas, hydro, wind, and solar-based projects, they have a substantial capacity of over 6000 MW in operation. 

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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