Top Five Stocks Under ₹5

27 June 2023

Sabrimala Industries India Ltd manufactures domestic plastic goods such as lunch boxes, food containers, and several other items. Our product line includes stainless steel and plastic fusion components.

Market Cap  ₹ 4.08 Cr

1 Y Return 51.95%

Close Price ₹ 4.68 Cr

Sabrimala Industries India Ltd

VirtualSoft, the e-wings of information, was formed in 1998 and is run by professionals in the creation, management, and distribution of rich media content.  provide customized solutions that increase productivity, increase revenue, increase productivity, and mobilize intellectual capital within your organization.

Market Cap  ₹ 4.02 Cr

1 Y Return 45.41%

Close Price ₹ 3.90 Cr

Virtualsoft Systems Ltd

Eureka Industries Private Limited (Ltd) is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and importer of quality home textiles, established in 2007. Established in 2007, They offer a wide range of home textiles, including floor coverings, and sheet sets.

Market Cap  ₹ 3.97 Cr

1 Y Return 74.60%

Close Price ₹ 4.54 Cr

Eureka Industries Ltd

Advik Laboratories Limited (ADL) was founded in 1994 and began commercial production in 1997,  manufacturing and exporting various pharmaceutical medicines.

Market Cap  ₹ 4.20 Cr

1 Y Return 45.28 %

Close Price ₹ 2.31 Cr

Advik Laboratories Ltd

Omkar Overseas Ltd is involved in the exportation of textiles. The company has been exporting bed linens and processed fabrics to countries including Sweden, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Norway.

Market Cap  ₹ 1.77 Cr

1 Y Return 61.19 %

Close Price ₹ 3.53 Cr

Omkar Overseas Ltd

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