December 14, 2023

Shares Below 5

Shares Below 5 Rs

Stock NameMarket CapStock Price
GTL Infrastructure Ltd1,344.741.05
Unitech Ltd654.082.4
Reliance Communications Ltd480.241.7
FCS Software Solutions Ltd453.033.05
Vikas Ecotech Ltd405.753.75
Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd376.963.94
J C T Ltd263.973.01
Indian Infotech and Software Ltd202.121.99
Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd197.402.3
KBC Global Ltd184.272.5

The above table shows the Shares Below 5 Rs based on the highest market capitalization.

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Shares Under 5 Rs – 1Y Return

Below is the list of Best Penny Stocks Below 5 Rupees based on the 1Y Return.

Stock NameMarket CapClosing Price1Y Return
Global Capital Markets Ltd31.070.791,164.00
Anshuni Commercials Ltd0.104.18391.76
Vintron Informatics Ltd36.514.62239.71
Jai Mata Glass Ltd16.601.65230
Blue Chip India Ltd7.741.3225
Sylph Technologies Ltd57.373.69187.38
Bombay Talkies Ltd24.084.68170.52
Vivanta Industries Ltd58.384.68156.02
Adcon Capital Services Ltd30.691.56122.86
Charms Industries Ltd1.664.25100.47
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Best Shares Less Than 5 Rupees – PE Ratio

Check out the list of Stocks under 5 Rs based on the PE Ratio.

Stock NameMarket CapClosing PricePE Ratio
India Radiators Ltd0.44.67-0.53
Reliance Home Finance Ltd97.012.10.02
Taparia Tools Ltd4.042.790.06
Hindusthan Udyog Ltd2.273.160.07
Antariksh Industries Ltd0.031.340.1
Mirch Technologies (India) Ltd0.192.540.19
Diligent Media Corporation Ltd49.444.40.39
Magnanimous Trade & Finance Ltd0.373.840.63
M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd0.550.930.77
Unijolly Investments Company Ltd0.094.550.81

Share Price Less Than 5 Rupees – 1M Return

Below table represents 5 Rs Share List based on the 1M Return.

Stock NameMarket CapClosing Price1M Return
BITS Ltd8.390.76100
Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd6.223.8492.96
Vision Corporation Ltd8.274.0686.24
Premier Ltd10.173.570.73
Monotype India Ltd40.080.5669.7
Beeyu Overseas Ltd3.892.8864.57
Saptak Chem and Business Ltd2.662.5261.54
Globe Textiles (India) Ltd75.574.7561.02
Sagar Productions Ltd30.353.8458.02
Bisil Plast Ltd14.162.5755.76
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Share Price Below Rs 5 – Highest Volume

Below is the list of Best Penny Stocks between less than 5 Rupees Share Price based on Highest Daily Volume.

Stock NameMarket CapClosing PriceDaily Volume
FCS Software Solutions Ltd453.033.055,34,80,268.00
GTL Infrastructure Ltd1,344.741.053,95,92,368.00
7NR Retail Ltd18.200.71,31,18,996.00
Empower India Ltd116.381.0296,69,237.00
Vikas Ecotech Ltd405.753.7581,51,855.00
KSS Ltd32.040.1580,23,373.00
G G Engineering Ltd112.581.2580,10,077.00
Vaxtex Cotfab Ltd35.83278,65,396.00
Johnson Pharmacare Ltd30.800.5870,66,324.00
Visagar Financial Services Ltd42.630.7265,08,780.00

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

Short Introduction To Top 3 Companies From Each Table Above:

Shares Under 5 Rs – 1Y Return

Global Capital Markets Ltd

Global Capital Markets Limited, an Indian NBFC, primarily focuses on finance and investments. Their operations involve financing, investing in shares, securities, commodities, and related activities within the capital market.

Anshuni Commercials Ltd

Anshuni Commercials Ltd is dedicated to trading high-quality diamonds that captivate consumers. Their integrated business model enhances efficiency and product control. They offer a variety of diamonds, from loose stars to GIA and IGI certified diamonds, ranging from 0.30 to 10 carats with excellent to good cuts.

Vintron Informatics Ltd

Vintron Informatics Limited, an Indian company, operates within the electronics industry. They specialize in the production and distribution of electronic equipment, with a focus on security and surveillance products. Their offerings encompass digital video recorders, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, and more.

Share Price Less Than 5 Rupees – 1M Return


Bits Limited, an India-based company, offers education in various fields, including arts, commerce, science, and technology. They provide corporate management training and engage in software-related activities. Additionally, they are involved in rental business operations.

Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd

Padmalaya Telefilms Limited, an Indian entertainment company, engages in film production and distribution across various languages. They also produce television programs, have production and post-production facilities, operate an animation studio, and provide training services in the entertainment industry.

Vision Corporation Ltd

Vision Corporation Limited (VCL) emerged to address the demand for creative entertainment. Founded by three accomplished entrepreneurs with diverse media backgrounds, it has produced numerous films and TV programs, possessing rights to many. VCL expanded into marketing, information, and the internet alongside its core ventures.

Best Shares Less Than 5 Rupees – PE Ratio

India Radiators Ltd

India Radiators Limited, established in 1949, operated profitably until 1997 but subsequently incurred losses. It was declared a sick company under the Sick Companies (Special Provisions) Act, 1985, in July 2000. The company’s rehabilitation scheme was under consideration by BIFR until the Act was repealed in 2016.

Reliance Home Finance Ltd

Reliance Home Finance Limited, based in India, specializes in housing finance, offering services like affordable housing, home loans, loan against property, and construction finance. It also provides property solutions and construction finance loans to real estate developers. The company has various subsidiaries in the financial sector.

Taparia Tools Ltd

Taparia Tools Ltd, founded in 1969 in India, began manufacturing hand tools through a collaboration with a Swedish company. The senior management received extensive training in Sweden, and the Indian company has continued to produce hand tools using the technology acquired from this partnership.

Share Price Below Rs 5 – Highest Volume

FCS Software Solutions Ltd

FCS Software Solutions Limited, an India-based holding company, offers a wide array of IT and business services, including application development, e-learning, software testing, and artificial intelligence. They provide services in IT infrastructure, AI, workspace solutions, and more, with several subsidiaries extending their global reach.

GTL Infrastructure Ltd

GTL Infrastructure Limited specializes in passive telecom infrastructure sharing. They own and maintain telecom towers across India, enabling multiple operators to host active network components. Their services encompass infrastructure sharing and energy management, offering cost-effective power solutions to telecom operators.

7NR Retail Ltd

7NR Retail Limited is an Indian company specializing in textile trading, particularly readymade garments, suiting-shirting, fabrics, and related products. They operate seven stores under the brand name Gini & Jony, focusing on branding and selling these textile items.

Now that you know about Shares below 5 Rs and the returns they give, why don’t you give them a shot? Remember penny stocks like shares below 5 Rs comes with their set of risks and returns, make sure you understand them and do your own research.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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