February 14, 2024

Shares Below 1 Rupee

Shares Below 1 Rupee – Selected Based on Top Fundamental Factors

Stocks Under 1 RsMarket CapClose Price
Future Consumer Ltd168.860.85
Alstone Textiles (India) Ltd87.960.69
Siti Networks Ltd69.760.8
Future Enterprises Ltd62.990.9
Godha Cabcon & Insulation Ltd59.960.9
Shrenik Ltd58.140.95
Biogen Pharmachem Industries Ltd51.560.79
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd49.370.35
Shalimar Productions Ltd48.230.49
GV Films Ltd47.560.52

The above table shows the Shares Below 1 Rupee based on the highest market capitalization.

Shares in the Indian stock market are available in a variety of price ranges for investors. Common traders, on the other hand, are more likely to be interested in purchasing shares that are less expensive but still offer them significant returns. 

Penny Stocks are the cheapest shares in India’s stock market, with prices ranging from 10 paise to 10 rupees. Although it is difficult to sell these shares in the stock market because of their low market value, shares below 1 rupee grew in popularity among investors in 2022 as a result of market volatility.

So, today’s topic is Shares below 1 Rupee that are available for trading, and we have tested them on various factors to pick the best-performing stocks as per the stats.

Let’s begin it.


Penny Stocks India below 1 Rupee with 1Y Return

The table below you see is a list of shares below 1 rupee, that offers the 1Y Return.

Stocks Under 1 RsMarket CapClosing Price1Y Return
Global Capital Markets Ltd30.270.761,234.80
Shree Securities Ltd31.120.3964.9
Monotype India Ltd35.860.5164.52
Sagar Soya Products Ltd0.030.9555.74
Kretto Syscon Ltd12.070.7718.46
Western Ministil Ltd0.090.4410
ARC Finance Ltd38.380.767.04
Visagar Financial Services Ltd45.550.782.53
Virtual Global Education Ltd41.520.982.08
Shalimar Productions Ltd48.230.49-9.26

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Shares below Rs 1 based on PE Ratio

Here, you can find the top 10 shares below ₹1 based on PE Ratio.

Stocks Under 1 RsMarket CapClosing PricePE Ratio
CES Ltd1.60.440.21
M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd0.550.930.77
Alstone Textiles (India) Ltd87.960.693.62
Greencrest Financial Services Ltd23.030.6313.33
Shree Ganesh BioTech India Ltd30.30.7617.68
Sawaca Business Machines Ltd9.380.8217.87
Visagar Financial Services Ltd45.550.7819.35
Nirbhay Colours India Ltd0.33123.93
Vision Cinemas Ltd6.520.9226.49
Gemstone Investments Ltd6.730.927.69

Shares Under 1 Rs with Largest Volume

For traders, it is important to know the trading volume of the shares. Hence, the table below displays share under 1 rs that has the largest volume. 

Stocks Under 1 RsMarket CapClosing PriceDaily Volume
Visagar Financial Services Ltd45.550.781,29,45,788.00
Alstone Textiles (India) Ltd87.960.6997,75,555.00
Shree Ganesh BioTech India Ltd30.30.7674,61,144.00
Gold Line International Finvest Ltd37.510.7234,68,207.00
Siti Networks Ltd69.760.834,15,508.00
Future Consumer Ltd168.860.8526,91,430.00
Johnson Pharmacare Ltd32.450.5926,52,517.00
Godha Cabcon & Insulation Ltd59.960.925,72,715.00
ARC Finance Ltd38.380.7622,17,717.00
Greencrest Financial Services Ltd23.030.6313,64,052.00

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Shares below Re 1 NSE & BSE 2024

The below data represents the Shares Below 1 Rupee listed on NSE and BSE in 2024 based on 1 Month Return.

Stocks Under 1 RsMarket CapClosing Price1M Return
BITS Ltd9.060.8176.09
Sagar Soya Products Ltd0.030.9555.74
Setubandhan Infrastructure Ltd11.310.938.46
Monotype India Ltd35.860.5134.21
Gold Line International Finvest Ltd37.510.7228.57
Supreme Engineering Ltd200.823.08
Alstone Textiles (India) Ltd87.960.6921.05
Sanwaria Consumer Ltd33.120.4512.5
Sharanam Infraproject and Trading Ltd6.70.929.52
Virtual Global Education Ltd41.520.988.89

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The above penny stocks are among the first picks of most intraday traders. If you want to trade such stocks, make sure you’ve done your research and understand the risks involved and also check another list of penny stocks that performed well in the past.

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Short Introduction To Top Share Under 1 Rs From Each Table Above

Penny Stocks India Below 1 Rupee With 1Y Return

Global Capital Markets Ltd

Global Capital Markets Limited, based in India, operates as a non-banking financial company (NBFC). Its primary focus is on finance and investments, encompassing activities like providing financing, investing in shares and other securities, and engaging in various activities related to the capital market.

Shree Securities Ltd

Shree Securities Limited, an Indian non-banking financial company (NBFC), focuses on long-term and short-term investments in both quoted and unquoted shares. It extends loans, offers financial and investment services, and prioritizes client solutions through personalization, cost-effectiveness, ethics, and transparency.

Monotype India Ltd

Monotype India Limited, an Indian financial and investment firm, is active in share trading, financial services, and various investments. It provides financial services, including advice, to enterprises and acts as a financial advisor to various entities.

Stocks Under 1 Rupee – PE Ratio


CES, a global firm, offers customized niche solutions that blend consulting, operations, and technology expertise to drive business outcomes. Their services, including Digital Transformation, Managed IT, and Cyber Security, enhance productivity and cost efficiency, ultimately transforming challenges into growth opportunities for clients.

M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd

M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd., established in 1985, is listed on the BSE. With a market cap of INR 0.55 Cr, it reported Rs. 1187.9 Cr in total income in the latest quarter. Key management includes Nilesh Vira and Pooja. The registered office is located in Mumbai.

Alstone Textiles (India) Ltd

Alstone Textiles (India) Limited is an Indian company primarily engaged in fabric trading and investments. They supply textiles, including cotton, silk, wool, and synthetic fabrics, while also dealing with personal and corporate loans through third-party product distribution.

Share Under 1 Rs With Largest Volume

Visagar Financial Services Ltd

Visagar Financial Services Limited is an Indian NBFC that primarily invests in listed and unlisted companies’ securities. They offer loans, financial advisory services like debt and equity funding, and corporate advisory services such as mergers and collaborations across various sectors.

Shree Ganesh BioTech India Ltd

Shree Ganesh Bio-Tech (India) Limited, based in India, specializes in producing and marketing hybrid seeds for various crops. They offer crop solutions, including micronutrients and bioproducts, and conduct research in breeding and biotechnology. They primarily serve farmers in West Bengal, Odisha, and Bihar.

Gold Line International Finvest Ltd

Gold Line International Finvest Limited, an India-based company, specializes in investments, including shares, debentures, bonds, and securities. They offer services like margin funding, loans against shares and properties, and act as administrators for various investment trusts. Additionally, they provide investment advisory services and engage in money market operations and treasury management.

Stocks Under Rs 1 NSE 2024


Bits Limited, based in India, primarily offers education across various fields like arts, commerce, science, software, hardware, business management, and more. They also provide corporate management training, operate in different educational modes, and engage in software trading, exporting, importing, and rental businesses.

Sagar Soya Products Ltd

Sagar Soya Products Limited, a BSE-listed company, engages in various aspects of the soybean industry, including distribution, manufacturing, import, and export of soybean-related products. They also produce a wide range of food items and additives such as infant food, bread, and food colors.

Setubandhan Infrastructure Ltd

Setubandhan Infrastructure Limited, an India-based construction company, specializes in constructing various structures for government, semi-government, and private entities. Their services encompass infrastructure development, civil construction, and residential and commercial real estate construction, including projects under public-private partnerships.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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