Adani Portfolio Results Reveal 45% EBITDA Growth, 70.8% Profit Surge

Adani Group targets infrastructure-driven growth, highlighting stability and predictability. Their EBITDA rose 45% to Rs 82,917 crore, with profits up 70.8%, boosting liquidity to Rs 59,791 crore.

The Adani Group aims to harness its advanced infrastructure to fuel growth over the coming decades, focusing on its infrastructure and utility portfolio, as revealed in an investor presentation. They emphasise long-term stability and predictability through their core infrastructural investments.

Adani’s EBITDA soared by 45% to Rs 82,917 crore, driving profits up by 70.8% to a record Rs 40,129 crore. This exceptional operational performance has resulted in unprecedented liquidity levels for the group, with a cash reserve of Rs 59,791 crore.

In FY24, the EBITDA from just the infrastructure and utility segments reached over Rs 69,000 crore, accounting for 84% of the total EBITDA from portfolio companies. This substantial contribution underscores the segments’ predictability and stability.

The group’s incubation strategy continues to thrive, with new ventures like airports and green hydrogen now making up about 9.27% of the portfolio’s EBITDA. These sectors are expanding rapidly, bolstering the group’s financial health.

Adani’s core infrastructure platform is generating significant free cash flow, ensuring that the group’s cash reserves exceed its long-term debt obligations for more than 30 months, enhancing financial security and operational capacity.

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