Create Your Own Trading Platform

Now you can create your OWN Trading Platform exclusively for your clients.The below mentioned Languages are readily available Json/ Python.

Steps to follow :
  1. Login Demo testing with Client Secret and KEY authorization.
  2. Callback URL Mapping.
  3. Start trading from your unique Portal.

Key Features Are

  1. Develope your own frontend trading platform.
  2. Integrating your trading platform with third party tools like MT4, Amibroker or website.
Benefits Are
  1. Clients can see their Position in the same portal.
  2. Websocket for Live Feeds also provided.
  3. This will be available for both Clients and Partners.

How do I get my API keys?

Check out the eligible criteria for getting API keys.

You should be a existing client of Aliceblue, if yes means click below to receive the individual client login

Get API Keys

Do you feel that you have potential to diversify the business in stock market, then this is the right place for you!

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