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ANT Plus - Integrate. Connect. Trade

Reliable API to help you build full fledged trading platforms

Why Choose Alice Blue’s ANT Plus API



Kickstart your trading product development journey hassle-free



Build a scalable platform with our infrastructure and frameworks



Get access to the API at zero cost for lifetime



Rely on a trusted provider with over 16 years of expertise

Create Your Own Trading Platform

<ul><li>Build your own trading platform or algo trading application.&nbsp;</li><li>Use ANT Plus to execute real orders, obtain live market feeds, manage portfolios and more.</li></ul>

Supported Languages :test , test , test
Stock market trading api

Key Features

  • Develop your own frontend trading platform.
  • Integrating your trading platform with third party tools like MT4, Amibroker or website
  • API supports major language  Phython, J
Ant plus - trading api


  • Access free of cost. 
  • Clients can see their Position in the same portal. 
  • ANT API is available for both Alice Blue Clients and Partners. 
  • Websocket
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How to get started with ANT Plus API keys

Get an Alice Blue client account or partner account if you don't already have one. You will need this for integration and testing.,Write to us at to get free access to the APIs.,Once you receive the access, Login to Demo testing with Client Secret and KEY authorization.,Callback URL Mapping.,Start trading from your unique Portal

Trade with your favorite programming language with our HTTP/JSON APIs.

Platforms that use ANT Plus API