Exciting Features Added to ANT Web Trading Platform (Part 2)

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As you may know, Alice Blue places a high value on customer satisfaction and strives to make its products more centered around the needs of its clients.

Working in that direction, we’ve updated the ANT Web Platform charts with some fascinating new features.
* Trade from the chart: Whenever you click on a chart to analyze a scrip, you can trade directly from the chart.
* On chart market depth: Now market depth can be seen from the chart option as well.
* 4-in-1 chart facility: This feature gives you a chart, market watch, order, and position on a single screen.
* Auto Margin Update: Whenever you increase or decrease the number of securities, the required margin increases and decreases in real-time.
* Price Alert: Whenever you set a price alert for any security, you will be notified over email and mobile notifications.
* Templates: Now, you may save your technical analysis as a template and use it later whenever you wish.
* Compare Charts: You can compare two or more charts to better analyze a scrip.
* Cash scrip in Basket Order: Now you may execute basket orders for cash scrips as well.
* LTP in Basket Order: Be it any scrip, the LTP will be displayed directly in the basket.
* Option Chain: You can now find the OI data and Volume in Option Chain for easier decision-making. 

*Dark and Light Theme: Whatever theme you love, light or dark, you have the option to customize it.

* Position Analytics: Whenever you take a hedge position and wish to analyze, the Position Analytics option takes you to 1nly options for better calculations.

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