Prohibition of Alice Blue Subdomains & Spoofed Websites for Ads

Dear Partners,

This notice serves as a reminder and an urgent call for immediate attention regarding our company’s advertising policies.

It has been brought to our attention that certain partners have been utilizing subdomains, such as ‘‘ or spoofed websites like ‘‘ to run advertisements on Google and various social media platforms.

Please note that such practices clearly violate our policies and risk compromising our brand integrity, customer trust, and overall security.

Effective immediately, all partners are strongly advised to refrain from using any such subdomains, spoofed websites, or any other unauthorized platforms for running advertisements or promotions related to Alice Blue Online. All advertisements must be run through our official channels and pre-approved by our marketing team.

Failure to comply with this directive will lead to immediate consequences, including potential partnership termination and possible legal action.

We urge all partners to understand the seriousness of this matter and make necessary adjustments to their promotional strategies. Alice Blue places high value on the trust and integrity of our partnerships and expects the same in return.