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BTST Trades – Margin Requirement


Dear All,

For your Kind Information, Please note:

No BTST trades will be allowed from 08/03/2021.

Suppose on 05/03/2021 you have bought 10 Shares of XYZ Ltd for Rs. 1,000. You would be able to sell such shares only post settlement or the Client has to keep the sufficient margin as per the Exchange guidelines

In case of insufficient margins, you shall be liable to penalties at the rates prescribed by the exchange from time to time.

Case -1Case -2
BTST Purchase Amount1,00,000.00BTST Purchase Amount1,00,000.00
Minimum Margin Required as per Exchange Guidelines (20% Upfront)20,000.00Minimum Margin Required as per Exchange Guidelines (20% Upfront)20,000.00
Limit Available as per Ledger21,000.00Limit Available as per Ledger19,500.00
Shortage/Excess available as per the calculation1,000.00Shortage/Excess available as per the calculation-500.00
In the above-mentioned example Case-1, client is eligible for BTST Trading.
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