Single Plan. Multiple Benefits.


Dear Clients & Partners,

We wish to inform you that Starting May 1, 2021, Alice Blue is,

1. Moving to a single plan of F15 from earlier dual plans of F20 & TPro
2. Reducing the brokerage fee from Rs.20 per order to Rs.15 per order under the new F15 plan


A single Plan of Rs.15 per order will be applicable starting May 1, 2021

What is the F15 Plan?


Why F15 Plan?


Note to Clients:

  • From May 1, 2021, onwards all existing clients of Alice Blue under the F20 plan will be automatically moved to the F15 plan
  • The clients who are currently subscribed to the TPro plan can switch to the F15 plan in their BOT login (per screenshot on the right)
  • All new clients on board Alice Blue starting May 1, 2021, will only be under the new F15 plan (Rs.15 per order)