Collateral Margin Benefits


Dear all,

Alice Blue has modified its Collateral Margin Policy. Clients will now receive the pledge benefits on P + 1 Day (Pledge Day + 1 Day).

To illustrate this with an example, if a client pledges a scrip on Monday, the client will receive the pledge benefits on Tuesday.

Cost of the Pledging:

  • ₹15 + GST per scrip pledge / Repledge or sold.
  • ₹15 + GST, irrespective of the number of stocks pledged on the same day.
  • An interest of 24% per annum will be charged for the outstanding ledger debits. 
  • The same amount will be debited daily as Delayed Payment Charges.

How to pledge the stocks?

  1. Login to ANT BOT Portal 
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click on Request → My Holdings
  4. Check your eligible stock list here 
  5. Click on the Pledge
  6. Enter the Quantity to pledge
  7. Click on the Submit Button

If you are still wondering, What is Collateral Margin?

Collateral margin refers to the additional funds obtained for trading by pledging securities in your Demat account. The facility is not limited to equity; it can also be obtained against mutual funds, bonds, and gold ETFs.

Collateral margins are used for trading futures, selling options, and intraday equity trading.

Happy Trading

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Team Alice Blue!