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Effective Lead Generation of Digilink for Partner (or) Franchisee Versions . It gets promoted through Diglink URL.

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What is Digilink?
Digilink For Partner is a smart link which is dedicatedly given to online potential users.
Why it is necessary for everyone?
1) Digilink For Partner can be shared through the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc).
2) You can generate more leads through Digilink.
3) You can track own leads anytime on digilink portal.
1) No Geographical Limits.
2) Auto mapping in Back office.
Partner Referral Bonus:
1) If an Existing partner Refer us a new Partner . He /She will 10% as referral income from the company’s Net Income.
2) Payment will be released Dated 5th of every month

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