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Use Alice Blue’s Digilink to Generate Leads and Earn More
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Why Digilink?

DIGILink is an affiliate link that contains the Partner ID. This link helps to record the leads & clients generated by a given partner. Details of the lead, account opening status, client traded details, earnings, etc., is made available on the DIGILink Partner Dashboard to all Alice Blue partners.

Super Easy to Use
Effective Leads & Conversion Tracking
Client-Wise Earning tracking
Reliable & Accurate Dashboard
Real-time Reporting
Trusted by over 12K Partners

Why Digilink?

As a partner of Alice Blue, you stand to benefit from multiple earning modes mentioned below:


Alice Blue provides profit-sharing of 100% on the brokerage paid by your client for first 3 months and then 75% for lifetime.

Revenue Sharing on Mutual Funds

Earn ₹10 on every Mutual Fund trade your client makes.

Partner Referral Sharing Incentive

If you refer a Partner to Alice Blue, you earn a 10% lifelong sharing of the net income generated from the referred sub-broker.

Added Incentives

Earn ₹250 for every traded account.

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