Invest & Trade Easily with ANT WEB Order Types

In this video, learn how to trade & invest in ANT Web and also about the different order types available. Follow the below procedure to get started:
  1. Login to ANT Web Platform.
  2. Enter your USER ID, 2FA Code, and the OTP received on your registered email and mobile number.
  3. Once you have successfully logged in, add the preferred stock to the watchlist.
  4. Hover your mouse above the stock to find the ‘BUY’ option. 
  5. Once you click the buy button, you will find a small pop-up window with different order types.
  6. If you plan to invest in a stock for a longer period, you can select the CNC option. For intraday trading, you can choose the MIS option. 
  7. CNC Orders are for investors who wish to hold the bought shares for more than a day, week, month, or year.
  8. MIS order is an Intraday trading order type, where a trader is supposed to square off his/her position before the market closes on the same day.
  9. For the Equity market, the auto square-off timing is 15 minutes before the market closes, i.e., 3.15 PM. For the commodity market, the auto square-off timing is 30 minutes before the market closes, i.e., at 5 PM.
  10. Limit Order means putting limits to your buy or sell orders. It helps an investor to place an order for a specific price and quantity.
  11. Market Order means buying or selling a stock at the current market price.
  12. SL or Stop Loss order is a function that helps an investor limit the losses in case the trade goes against the trader’s prediction and expectation.
  13. SL-M or Stop Loss Market Order is the case when a trader sets a price to prevent losses. Since it is a market order, the sell order gets executed at the best prevailing price after the trigger price is hit.
  14. A bracket Order is an advanced intraday order type that consists of three orders in it. Limit Order, Target or Exit Order, and Stop Loss Order.
  15. AMO or After Market Order is an order placed while the markets are closed. This order gets executed at regular market hours.
  16. The normal market timing is from 9.15 AM to 3.30 PM; any order placed before or after this time frame is considered an After Market Order.
  17. After selecting your desired order type, enter the quantity and click on the buy option.
  18. Your order has been placed.
Watch the complete video to understand all the order types in detail.