Learn how to PLACE ORDERS via ANT MOBI 2.0! [Part 2]

Watch the video to learn how to place orders via ANT Mobi 2.0 and follow the below steps:
  1. Go to Google Play Store, and type ANT MOBI 2.0. 
  2. Tap the Install button. 
  3. Enter the USER ID and the PASSWORD.
  4. Enter the 2FA in this box code, followed by the OTP sent to your registered email id and mobile number.
  5. After logging in, you will see the WATCHLIST. 
  6. At the top right corner of the screen, you will see this search option. Tap that and type the name of the stock that you want to buy. 
  7. The suggestions appear right here. Click the “+” sign that is present right after the name of your desired stock. 
  8. You see, the stock is added successfully to your watchlist, LIST0. 
  9. Once you Tap the stock, you find the BUY and SELL options. 
  10. You can check the Market Depth, Other Details, and Technical Analysis of the stock by scrolling down the screen. 
  11. Once you Tap the BUY button, you will find this screen. 
  12. Add the number of stocks that you want to buy in the Quantity box. 
  13. Select your desired order type in this section :
  14. Select Market Order if you want to buy or sell a stock at the price at which the stock is currently being traded in the market.
  15. Select Limit Order to put limits on your buy or sell orders. i.e., you may enter the desired price at which you wish to buy or sell, and the order will only be executed if the entered price is achieved.
  16. Select SL (Stop-loss) if you want to limit the losses in case the trade is going against your predictions and expectations.
  17. Select SLM (Stop-loss market) order if you want to set a price to prevent losses and get what you expect. 
  18. Select MIS if you want to square off your trade within a day. MIS is a simple intraday order type where you are supposed to square off/close your position on the same day, and if you fail to do so, your position will be squared off automatically by the broker. 
  19. In Alice Blue, the automatic square-off for Equity, F&O & Currency happens 15 minutes before the market closes, that is, at 3:15 pm, and for Commodity Derivatives Segment, the square-off happens 30 minutes before the market closes, that is, at 5:00 pm.
  20. Select BO (Bracket Order) to buy an order, as well as set a stop-loss order and a target order. 
  21. Select CNC – Cash and Carry order types are for the investors who are interested in holding the shares for a few days or weeks, or even months in some cases.  
  22. You can also select AMO (After Market Order) to place orders post-market hours, which are 3:15 pm to 9:15 am. 
  23. Now, choose the validity period of your orders. 
  24. The pre-selected RGLR option lets you buy stocks during normal trading hours. 
  25. Select DAY – If you choose MIS order, select this option to square off your trade within a day. 
  26. Choose IOC – Choose Immediate or Cancel option if you want to execute a suitable trade immediately or just cancel it. Any part of an IOC order that cannot be filled immediately will be canceled.
  27. Now enter the Quantity you require. 
  28. After you’re done entering the required details, tap on BUY ORDER. 
  29. Your order will be placed successfully. 
  30. Please make sure that before placing your order, you need to have adequate funds in your trading account. 
Watch the video to understand all the steps more clearly and visually.