Citichem India Ltd IPO

Citichem India Ltd IPO

The Issue includes a fresh Issue of up to 18,00,000 Equity Shares of the Company. The company intends to use the funds raised to meet its working capital requirement and to purchase vehicles to improve its transportation. 

Citichem India Ltd IPO – Important Details

Citichem India IPO DateNA
Citichem India IPO Listing DateNA
Citichem India IPO PriceNA
Citichem India IPO Lot SizeNA
Citichem India IPO Total Issue SizeNA
Citichem India IPO Basis of AllotmentNA
Citichem India IPO Initiation of RefundsNA
Citichem India IPO Credit of Shares to DematNA
Citichem India IPO Issue TypeFixed Price Issue 
Citichem India IPO Listing AtBSE SME

Citichem India Ltd IPO – Company Profile

Citichem India Limited is mainly engaged in the buying, procuring, and supplying of organic and inorganic chemicals, bulk drugs, and food chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry. The traded specialty chemicals and intermediates have a wide application in aluminum, steel, textiles, paper, dairy, paints, dyes & intermediates, soap making, pharma, food, and adhesive Industry. 

With the combined experience of its Promoters for over 25 years with their expertise in sourcing, negotiating, procuring, and supplying organic and inorganic chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry, and with the existing long-standing clientele, the Company aims to expand further, and diversify its procurement sources and achieve growth by multiplying the supply chain of the chemicals to the said industry. 

Citichem India Ltd IPO – Fundamental Analysis

Revenue Growth: 

Citichem India Ltd has experienced fluctuating revenue over the past three years. Revenue was ₹18,016.73 lakhs in 2021, but it significantly dropped to ₹8,521.64 lakhs in 2022 and further to ₹1,236.85 lakhs in December 2022.


The company’s profitability, measured by profit after tax, has been inconsistent. It was ₹21.96 lakhs in 2021, increased to ₹23.93 lakhs in 2022, and significantly improved to ₹35.56 lakhs in December 2022.

Return on Net Worth (RoNW): 

RoNW has shown variability. It was 5.81% in 2021, dropped to 4.15% in 2022, and spiked to 36.68% in December 2022.

Earnings Per Share (EPS): 

Diluted EPS has experienced substantial fluctuations, declining from ₹32.29 in 2021 to ₹2.14 in 2022 and further to ₹0.79 in December 2022.

Net Asset Value (NAV) per Equity Share: 

NAV per equity share has increased moderately from ₹91 in 2021 to ₹11.54 in 2022 and ₹12.25 in December 2022.

Asset and Liability Management: 

Total assets have grown from ₹7,321.54 lakhs in 2021 to ₹8,408.70 lakhs in December 2022, indicating an expanding asset base. Liabilities have also increased, reflecting a balance between assets and liabilities.