Varyaa Creations IPO

Varyaa Creations IPO 

Varyaa Creations Limited consists of a fresh issue of 13,40,000 shares worth INR 150 each, totaling INR 2010 lakhs. The company intends to finance the setup of new showrooms, inventory purchases, and general corporate needs for expansion. 

Varyaa Creations Limited IPO – Important Dates 

Varyaa Creations  IPO DateApril 22, 2024 to April 25, 2024
Varyaa Creations  IPO Listing DateApril 30, 2024
Varyaa Creations  IPO PriceINR 150 per share
Varyaa Creations  IPO Lot Size1000 shares
Varyaa Creations  IPO Total Issue SizeINR 2010 lakhs
Varyaa Creations  IPO Basis of AllotmentApril 26, 2024
Varyaa Creations  IPO Initiation of RefundsApril 29, 2024
Varyaa Creations  IPO Credit of Shares to DematApril 29, 2024
Varyaa Creations  IPO Issue TypeFixed Price Issue IPO
Varyaa Creations  IPO Listing AtBSE SME 

Varyaa Creations Ltd IPO  – Company Profile 

Varyaa Creations, formerly Kalgi India Pvt. Ltd., evolved from wholesaling to jewelry manufacturing/sales, engaging Mumbai job workers for production. This reflects diversified business strategies for growth and expansion. 

Varyaa Creations, based in Mumbai, historically earned revenue from wholesale trading and jewelry sales offline. It is expanding online via and, utilizing a blend of physical and digital marketing. Raw materials are sourced from Mumbai markets. 

They offer a diverse jewelry range: Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Gemstones, Diamonds, Lab-Grown Diamonds, Pearls, and customized pieces. Responding to ethical concerns, they’ve incorporated Lab-Grown Diamonds into their collection. 

Varyaa Creations Limited IPO Review

Varyaa Creation’s financial analysis reveals a mixed performance. Revenue started strong but then stayed the same. Profit went up, but earnings per share went down. Equity kept growing steadily, but the return on net worth changed, showing different company performances. 

  • Revenue Trend: The revenue increased from ₹247.14 lakhs in March 2022 to ₹522.70 lakhs in March 2023. The revenue for the current year’s 9-month period ending December 2023 is INR  1,718.99 lakhs, crossing last year’s benchmark. 
  • Equity and Liabilities: Equity has shown a consistent increase over the periods, reflecting potential growth and expansion. 
  • Profitability: The profit after tax (PAT) has significantly increased from ₹57.98 lakhs in March 2022 to ₹351.11 lakhs by December 2023. This rise in profitability could be a source of confidence for investors. 
  • Earnings per Share (EPS): The diluted EPS has fallen from ₹38.66 in March 2022 to ₹10.18 by December 2023, reflecting lower earnings per share for investors.
  • Return on Net Worth (RoNW): The RoNW has increased from (297.75)% to 85.52%, indicating an increase in the company’s ability to generate returns on shareholder equity. 
  • Financial Position: Total assets have increased, suggesting potential business growth.  

Varyaa Creations IPO Fundamental Analysis 

ParticularAs of 31 March 2022As of 31 March 2023As of 31 December 2023
Revenue (₹ in lakhs)247.14522.701,718.99
Equity (₹ in lakhs)(19.47)59.45410.56
Expenses (₹ in lakhs)195.14427.531293.30
Profit and Loss After Tax (₹ in lakhs)57.9878.93351.11
Diluted EPS only (₹)38.6652.6210.18
Return on Net Worth (%)(297.75)132.7585.52
NAV per Equity Share (₹)39.6411.90
Total Assets (in lakhs)143.782,000.551,049.17
Total Liabilities (in lakhs)163.261,941.09638.61

Varyaa Creations Limited IPO Peer Comparison

Varyaa Creations Limited outperforms PNGS Gargi Fashion Jewellery Ltd and Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd, indicating more robust financial metrics and potential for growth in the jewelry industry. 

CompanyCMP(₹ in lakhs)Face Value (₹)P/E (₹)EPS  (₹)RoNW (%)NAV per Equity Share (Basic) (₹)
Varyaa Creations Limited150102.8552.62132.7539.64
PNGS Gargi Fashion Jewellery Ltd540109.4410.2022.7821.38
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd14.861010.140.712.6133.01

Varyaa Creations Ltd IPO Objective 

The main objective of Varyaa Creations Limited is to finance the establishment of a new showroom. 

  1. To finance the establishment of a new showroom, the company intends to utilize INR 15.50 crores, allocating Rs.5.50 crores for capital expenditure and Agra showroom inventory and Rs.10.00 crores for day-to-day business operations inventory. The board approved this on September 09, 2023. 
  1. General Corporate Purposes: The company will use the balance fund of 4.00 croes towards general corporate goals, including funding growth opportunities, strategic initiatives, joint ventures, partnerships, marketing and business development expenses, facility expansion, and meeting exigencies and expenses. 

Varyaa Creations Limited IPO Risks And Challenges 

Varyaa Creations Limited’s risk includes pending legal proceedings, potentially diverting focus and resources, and impacting operations. Timely procurement of materials is vital, as price fluctuations affect income and demand, while labor disputes and attrition pose operational challenges. 

  • Pending legal proceedings could divert management focus and financial resources, potentially impacting business operations. Adverse judgments may further harm the company’s financial condition and results of operations. 
  • Timely procurement of materials like gold, silver, and stones is vital. Price fluctuations affect income and demand, and quality and cost impact operations. Any rise may delay purchases, negatively impacting business. 
  • Their industry relies heavily on skilled designers and artisans. Labor disputes or attrition risks could disrupt operations and decrease efficiency, impacting business adversely. Competition for skilled professionals may further challenge recruitment and retention efforts. 

Varyaa Creations IPO – Industry & Market Potential 

India’s gems and jewelry trade contributes significantly to GDP and exports. The sector is poised to employ millions and is a focus area for export promotion. Government initiatives to boost exports include 100% FDI and CEPA with the UAE. 

India’s gems and jewelry market reached US$ 78.50 billion in FY21, with exports soaring to US$ 39.14 billion in 2021-22, driven by US demand and virtual buyer-seller meets. The government targets US$ 100 billion in exports by 2027. 

Large retailers/brands, online sales, and relaxed gold import restrictions will drive growth in the gems and jewelry sector. Organized players, aided by government policies, are expected to propel industry growth to US$ 100 billion by 2027. 

Varyaa Creations IPO – Type of Offer

Varyaa Creations Limited consists of a fresh issue of 13,40,000 shares worth INR 150 each, totaling INR 20.10 crores. The company intends to finance the setup of new showrooms, inventory purchases, and general corporate needs for expansion. 

Varyaa Creations Limited IPO Offer Size

The offer size of Varyaa Creations is INR 20.10 crores, which is a fresh issue of 13,40,000 shares. The company seeks funds to finance a new showroom setup, inventory purchase, and general corporate needs for expansion. 

Varyaa Creations IPO Allotment Structure

Varyaa Creations Limited’s IPO allotment structure includes a category for Retail Individual Investors (RII) with investments below ₹2 lakhs, a category for other investors exceeding ₹2 lakhs, and a reservation of 70,000 shares for Market Makers.

  • Retail Individual Investors (RII): These individual investors apply for shares with a total value of less than Rs.2 lakhs.
  • Other than retail individual investors: Such applications where the value exceeds INR 2 lakhs. 
  • Market Makers Reservation: A certain percentage or number of shares is reserved for market makers. The company has set aside 70,000 shares for this purpose.

How to apply for a Varyaa Creations Limited IPO?

To apply for the Varyaa Creations   IPO through Alice Blue, you would typically follow these steps:

Open a Demat and Trading Account: If you don’t have one already, you must open a Demat and trading account with Alice Blue.

  1. Check for IPO Details: Once your account is active, you can check for the Varyaa Creations   IPO details in the IPO section of the Alice Blue platform.
  2. Place the Bid: Enter the number of shares you wish to buy and place your bid within the IPO’s price band.
  3. Submit the Application: Confirm all your details and submit your application.

 You can apply for the Varyaa Creations   IPO at Alice Blue in just a few clicks!

Check Allotment Status: After the allotment process, you can check the allotment status to see if you have received any shares.

Please note that the allotment of shares is not guaranteed and will depend on the demand for the IPO.

How do you check Varyaa Creations’s IPO Allotment Status?

Checking the allotment status of an IPO in Alice Blue is usually straightforward. Please follow these general steps:

  1. Log in to your Alice Blue Account: You can do this through the Alice Blue website or their trading app.
  2. Navigate to the Portfolio or IPO Section: This might differ based on the layout of Alice Blue’s platform, but generally, you can find the status of your IPO application under the ‘Portfolio’ or ‘IPO’ section.
  3. Find the IPO Allotment Status: Look for a sub-section called ‘IPO Allotment Status’ or something similar. This is where you can see the status of the IPOs you have applied for.
  4. Select the Varyaa Creations   IPO: If you have applied for multiple IPOs, there might be a dropdown menu or a list where you can select the IPO you are interested in. Select the Varyaa Creations   IPO.
  5. Check the Status: The status of your application should be displayed here. If the shares have been allocated to you, it would be mentioned here.

 If you face any issues, it’s recommended that you contact Alice Blue’s customer support for detailed assistance.

 Apart from Alice Blue, there are other ways to check the allotment status of the Varyaa Creations   IPO:

Registrar’s Website: Visit the website of Bigshare Services Private Limited, the registrar of the Varyaa Creations   IPO. On the homepage, look for the ‘IPO Allotment Status’ option. You must enter your PAN, application, or Demat account number to check your allotment status. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to view your IPO allotment status. 

●  BSE SME: You can also check the allotment status on the official websites of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Small Medium Enterprise (SME). You would need your application number and PAN to check the status. 

Please note that the allotment status will only be available after completing the allotment process, a few days after the IPO window closes.

Varyaa Creations  Ltd IPO Offer Registrar

The registrar for the Varyaa Creations  Limited IPO is Bigshare Services Private Limited. They are responsible for ensuring the IPO allotment and refund processes are carried out smoothly.

Contact information for the registrar:


S6-2, 6th Floor, Pinnacle Business Park, Mahakali Caves Road,

Next to Ahura Centre, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400 093,

Maharashtra, India

Tel. No.: +91 22 6263 8200

Email: [email protected]


Varyaa Creations   Limited IPO –  FAQs 

1. What is the allotment date of Varyaa Creations Limited? 

The allotment date of the Varyaa Creations Limited IPO is April 26, 2024.

2. What is the price band of the Varyaa Creations IPO? 

The price band of the issue is INR 150 per share.

3. What is the size of the Varyaa Creations IPO? 

The offer size of Varyaa Creations is INR 20.10 crores, which is a fresh issue of 13,40,000 shares. The company seeks funds to finance a new showroom setup, inventory purchase, and general corporate needs for expansion. 

4. What is the listing date of the Varyaa Creations IPO? 

The listing date of Varyaa Creation’s IPO is  April 30, 2024.