VLCC Healthcare IPO

VLCC Healthcare IPO

VLCC Healthcare IPO will help the company to raise Rs 300 crore through a fresh issue of shares. The company has outlined several objectives for utilizing the net proceeds from the IPO. These include the establishment of VLCC Wellness Clinics in India and the GCC Region, the development of VLCC Institutes in India, refurbishment of existing VLCC Wellness Clinics, repayment or prepayment of certain borrowings, investment in brand development, and general corporate purposes.

VLCC Healthcare IPO – Important Details

Here are the important details of the VLCC Healthcare IPO in a table format:

Details Information
VLCC Healthcare IPO Date To be announced
VLCC Healthcare IPO Listing Date NA
VLCC Healthcare IPO Price NA
VLCC Healthcare IPO Lot Size NA
VLCC Healthcare IPO Total Issue Size Rs 300 crore
VLCC Healthcare IPO Basis of Allotment NA
VLCC Healthcare IPO Initiation of Refunds NA
VLCC Healthcare IPO Credit of Shares to Demat NA
VLCC Healthcare IPO Issue Type Book Built 
VLCC Healthcare IPO Listing At NSE and BSE

VLCC Healthcare IPO – Company Profile


Founded by Vandana Luthra in 1989, VLCC Healthcare began as a single beauty and slimming center in New Delhi and has grown into a major player in beauty, wellness, and weight management services. The company operates over 330 centers in 150+ cities, including in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Its success is rooted in its commitment to empowering women through health and beauty.

Vision, Mission, and Values

  • Vision: VLCC aims to be a global authority in beauty, wellness, and weight management services, impacting lives worldwide.
  • Mission: The company’s mission revolves around assisting individuals in achieving their beauty and wellness goals through professional services, cutting-edge products, and personalized care.
  • Values: VLCC is rooted in its core values of excellence, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. The company is committed to delivering high-quality services and products and continuously innovates to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Key Services and Products

The extensive portfolio of VLCC services includes:

  • Facials
  • Body treatments
  • Hair care
  • Spa treatments
  • Weight management programs
  • Nutrition counseling

Moreover, VLCC offers a range of proprietary products, covering:

  • Skincare products
  • Hair care products
  • Nutrition supplements

Primary Customers

The core customer base of VLCC primarily consists of women aged 25-50. However, the company also caters to a growing segment of male customers, reflecting the increasing emphasis on beauty and wellness among men.

VLCC Healthcare IPO Objective

The VLCC Healthcare IPO aims to boost the company’s capital for future growth, particularly in network expansion, both domestically and internationally. Significant investment is planned for digital and IT infrastructure enhancement for improved customer experience and operational efficiency, along with debt repayment for financial stability. Additionally, funds are earmarked for R&D to drive innovation in their wellness and beauty services.

  1. Expansion of Network: