Q4 Earnings Release for Wipro, Jio Finance, HDFC AMC, Hindustan Zinc and 10 More Firms

On April 19, 14 companies including Wipro, Jio Finance, and HDFC AMC will announce Q4 results. Wipro expects a modest 1.92% profit increase to ₹2,746 crore.
Q4 Earnings Release for Wipro, Jio Finance, HDFC AMC, Hindustan Zinc and 10 More Firms

Today, April 19, marks the announcement of Q4 financial results for 14 firms including Wipro, Jio Finance, and HDFC AMC. Wipro’s earnings are anticipated to show minimal growth, with a projected net profit of ₹2,746 crore, reflecting a slight quarterly increase of 1.92%.

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Wipro’s IT services are expected to experience nominal growth, with revenue predicted to marginally increase to $2,661 million. In contrast, their revenue in rupees might drop slightly by 0.28% compared to the previous quarter due to ongoing softness in key business areas.

HDFC Asset Management Company is set to report a significant 35.2% year-over-year increase in net profit to ₹508.6 crore. Their revenue is also expected to grow by 37.7% to ₹745 crore, driven by strong asset management growth and equity performance.

Hindustan Zinc is likely to see a decrease in net profit by 19.8% year-over-year, totaling ₹2,080 crore. Revenue is also expected to drop by 11.9%. However, EBITDA might rise by 2% quarter-over-quarter thanks to higher zinc production and reduced production costs.

Overall, the day is critical for market watchers as other companies like Hindustan Zinc, KP Green Engineering, and Sejal Glass, among others, also disclose their Q4 earnings. These results will provide a clearer view of the corporate landscape as FY24 closes.

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