GPT Healthcare IPO Triumphs: Day 3 Skyrockets with 8.52x Total Subscription

On Day 3 of GPT Healthcare Limited's IPO, strong demand emerged across investor categories. QIBs led with an impressive 17.30x subscription, followed by NIIs at 11.02x, and RIIs at 2.44x. The overall subscription reached 8.52x, showing widespread investor confidence in GPT Healthcare's future.

On Day 3 of the GPT Healthcare Limited IPO, the subscription figures demonstrated a remarkable uptick across different investor categories. Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) led the way with an impressive subscription rate of 17.30. Non-institutional investors also showed significant interest, subscribing 11.02 times. Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) participated actively as well, with a subscription rate of 2.44. Overall, the total subscription reached 8.52 times, showing a broad-based investor interest and confidence in the future prospects of GPT Healthcare Limited.

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GPT Healthcare Limited IPO – Fundamental Analysis 

GPT Healthcare Ltd’s IPO analysis shows a positive trajectory with consistent revenue growth from ₹2,427.53 million in 2021 to ₹3,610.37 million in 2023, alongside increased equity and profitability. The company’s profit after tax rose notably in 2022, and its Return on Net Worth and Diluted EPS also improved significantly, reflecting strong operational efficiency. Additionally, the firm’s careful asset growth and reduced liabilities, leading to an improved debt-equity ratio from 0.92 to 0.39, indicate a robust financial health and lower risk profile.

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GPT Healthcare Limited IPO – Risks And Challenges 

GPT Healthcare’s IPO is marked by risks such as dependence on specialized services in West Bengal, exposing it to regional economic and political fluctuations. The involvement of Promoter Group member Ishwari Prasad Tantia in default issues raises reputational concerns. Additionally, the company navigates a competitive healthcare market, challenging its pricing strategies, talent retention, and market share amidst diverse regional and national competitors. Regulatory actions against promoters could further impact operations.

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