GSM Foils IPO Skyrockets with 240x Subscription on Day 3!

GSM Foils IPO saw immense interest on Day 3, being subscribed 240.40 times, indicating strong market confidence in the company's potential and future growth.
GSM Foils IPO Skyrockets with 240x Subscription on Day 3!

GSM Foils IPO experienced overwhelming investor interest on Day 3, with the issue being subscribed a remarkable 240.40 times. This robust demand underscores the market’s strong confidence in the potential and future growth prospects of the company.

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How To Check GSM Foils Limited IPO Subscription Status? 

Steps to check the IPO subscription status on NSE

Following are the steps to check it through the NSE website

  • Visit NSE‘s official website.
  • Navigate to the ‘Market Data’ tab.
  • Choose ‘IPO’.
  • Select the GSM Foils Limited IPO to check its subscription status.
  • Opt for either NSE Bid details or Consolidated Bid details.
  • Explore the total number of bids received from various investors. 

GSM Foils IPO Allotment Status

The allotment date for the GSM Foils IPO is set for May 29, 2024, with shares priced at a range of ₹32 per share and a face value of ₹10. The offering consists of lots of 4000 shares, with bids accepted for these lots or their multiples.

GSM Foils IPO Subscription Status

GSM Foils IPO on Day 2 witnessed strong investor interest, achieving a subscription rate of 63.80 times the number of shares offered. This robust demand highlights significant market confidence in the company’s potential and future growth prospects.

GSM Foils Limited IPO Listing Date 

GSM Foils IPO is expected to be listed on the NSE SME on May 31, 2024.

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