India Witnesses Historic Surge in Stock Market Investors!

In December 2023, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) reported a record 21.1 lakh new investor registrations, a 47% increase from November, reaching a total of 8.5 crore investors. This surge, the highest since May 2019, reflects India's robust equity market growth.
India Witnesses Historic Surge in Stock Market Investors

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) experienced a significant increase in investor registrations in December, as highlighted in its recent Market Pulse report. This month saw the addition of 21.1 lakh new investors, marking a 47% rise compared to the 14.3 lakh registrations recorded in November. According to the NSE, this surge represents the highest monthly registrations since May 2019 and is partly due to the strong performance of the Indian equity market.

As of the end of December 2023, the total number of registered investors on the NSE reached 8.5 crore. This growth was consistent across various regions of India, indicating a widespread interest in investing.

Growth in Investor Registrations by Region:

  • West India: 69% increase, from 3.9 lakh to 6.6 lakh.
  • North India: 50% increase, from 5.9 lakh to 8.9 lakh.
  • East India: 31% increase, from 1.9 lakh to 2.5 lakh.
  • South India: 21% increase, from 2.7 lakh to 3.2 lakh.

Regional Share of New Registrations:

  • North India: Increased from 41.2% to 42%.
  • West India: Increased from 27.1% to 31%.
  • South India: Decreased from 18.5% to 15.3%.
  • East India: Decreased from 13.2% to 11.7%.

Statewise Investor Registrations:

  • Maharashtra: Regained top spot with 3 lakh registrations.
  • Uttar Pradesh: Second spot with 2.9 lakh registrations.
  • Gujarat: Significant growth, 119% increase to 2.4 lakh.
  • Rajasthan: Added 1.5 lakh new registrations.
  • Haryana: Added 84,000 new registrations.

Overall Contribution:

The top five states contributed 48.6% of all new registrations in the first three quarters of the current fiscal year.

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