Lock-In Period Concludes for DOMS and Motisons Jewellers Among 11 Stocks This January

Between January 11 and April 15, 2024, the lock-in periods for initial public offerings (IPOs) will expire for 54 companies, freeing up shares valued at $13.52 billion.
January Marks End of Lock-In for DOMS & 10 Other Stocks

Between January 11 and April 15, 2024, 54 companies will see their IPO shareholder lock-in periods end, releasing shares worth $13.52 billion. Here’s a summary of the companies with lock-ins ending in January.

IPO Lock-in Expiry

1. India Shelter Finance 

With the release of 3.7 million shares, the lock-in period for India Shelter Finance ends, allowing for increased market activity.

2. DOMS Industries

On January 17, DOMS Industries’ lock-in concludes, freeing up 3.4 million shares for trading.

3. INOX India 

INOX India’s lock-in period ends, putting 3.3 million shares into circulation starting January 18.

4. Motisons Jewellers

Motisons Jewellers will see its lock-in period end, releasing 3.3 million shares into the market.

5. Happy Forgings

On January 22, Happy Forgings concludes its lock-in, making 2 million shares available for trading.

6. Credo Brands 

Credo Brands’ lock-in expiration on January 22 frees 3 million shares for market transactions.

7. Suraj Estate Developers 

The lock-in period for Suraj Estate Developers ends, and 1.7 million shares will be released into the market on January 21.

8. Muthoot Microfinance 

Muthoot Microfinance’s lock-in period concludes, freeing up 5 million shares for trading on January 22.

9. RBZ Jewellers 

RBZ Jewellers’ lock-in expiration on January 22 makes 1 million shares available for trading.

10. Azad Engineering 

With the lock-in ending on January 25, Azad Engineering will have 2 million shares available for market activities.

11. Innova Captab 

Innova Captab’s lock-in period concludes on January 26, releasing 2 million shares into the market.

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